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Yah... I tot... mite aswell... since I'm makin a site... ^-^

Yah iv NO PICS of ppl cus i lost my gorge flat CAMERA!!! Zo.. i hav to improvise... enjoy..

It's Jessica in case ur mentally retarded n kant figure it out. Well ur a fab m8, we hav loadsa fun togeva, n im heel heel glad dat u n rob r goin out, cus it seems like u belong togeva, n as long as ur overjoyed wit ur life, sum of dat can rub off on me... so if i randomly start rubbing against u uno its got nun to do wit sex wotsoeva. O_o lol.

Cam und Laura
Twee heel koel meisjes dat are heel fun 2 b around. Dis particular pic is not very errr... good. I look like a poser not smiling on dis pic, cus if i smile my nose devours me face, but i look wetawded nyhoo. and err... well Cam looks gorge like always course. I'll stop talking now :P ^-^


LUCY (i'm home!!!)
WELL, since u didn't bother to show up to d ixelles party, i have no picture of u dat oda ppl wud get mad at me for takin it off deir blog (takes a deep breath) sooo... for now, you'll have to be David Hasselhoff (mwahaha dont ask or i MITE b forced to tell dat joke... *AGAIN*)/ Satan. No offence... I'll write more later, jus cus i havnt dat mucho to talk about, cus we dont hang around as much beecos of ur mucho grande housearrest from ur mucho annoying parents!!

Im seriously ticked off with mr.fuckface at the moment, so i decided to find out if anyone actually likes him..

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