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Elton John's nickname for his closest celeb friends
is "Diamond Cunt", to whom he always gives a "cunt"
necklace. e.g. Janet Street Porter and Ozzy Osbourne

Damon Dash is filming an "urban" version of
The Apprentice. 

John Lesley watch: in a bar in Kingston, Surrey,
drying his cock under the hand dryer and moaning.

Shane Lynch is playing Prince Charming in Panto at
the Gordon Craig theatre in Stevenage this year.

Paul Danan to one of the Hollyoaks producers:
"So the sun sets in the West - what's all that about?
Why doesn't it set in the North or something?"

Nelly was celebrating his new top 10 at the London
Raceway Go-Kart track at King's Cross. His name
on the race monitors? "Kynng".

Q: What's better - Parkinsons or Alzheimers?
A: Parkinsons. It's better to spill half your drink
than forget where you put it...

Howard Jones's dancer Jed threw off his mental
chains and now owns a "holistic" guest house just
outside Glastonbury.

Jacko has sold his story to a US TV network.

Get ready for Little Britain merchandise: The PVC-
clad Only Gay in the Village Doll is said to be
"particularly horrifying".

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