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Wicked Sites
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On this page I'll include some of my favorite places on the web, along with an explanation of what I like about each site.

If uv neva been trippin on acid, here's a little preview - completely harmless and completely free :D

Click here for a 60 second acid trip

And if you happen to already be trippin on acid, dis is d ting to see..

Click away

Haha dis is funny, guys enjoy, ladies, laugh!

Click here for a video of pussy licking

U gots to click on d horses to make dem sing

Horse choir

Poke the bunny

If you know a site that you know everyone will love, and wanna share it with the world (or the like 3 people that will actually look at this site :P) post it on this thing here:

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I don't Mean To Insult you. Oh Wait, Yes I Do!