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Rock Werchter 2005
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Rock Werchter 2005
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This is just to let everyone that didn't go know what they missed, and everyone that did go to bring back those nice memories.


Sorry guys, I have no pics of Werchter, I didn't bring a camera, but I do believe Jo had a camera, so he might put some pics on his blog.
I'd just like so say how INCREDIBLY AMAZING the whole thing was, I mean, common, the Green Day gig wos afcourse the best, especially since Stephanie got to go onstage (!) to play drums! And plus, Billie Joe is SUCH a good prefomer!
Everyone decided that Faithless was like Ghandi... I didn't watch the whole show, I wos exhausted from Green Day, but apparently it was awesome.
Oh and I wanna thank Piet and Robbie for getting me to go crowdsurfing (twice) especially since that was my first crowdsurf EVER (too cool for school bi d way)! Yeah that wos in the Foo Fighters gig n can i just say.. Dave Grohl is THE fittest frontman ALIVE! With th hair n d beard n d attitude... wow... i couldnt really see that clearly, because in d beginning i was standing right in front of the big giant column of speakers, so whenever th bass would go off, the ground would shake, so the image would go all blurry.. i wos right at the front though.
Oh and Flogging Molly... wow, that wos so much fun.. i'd just had like 4 beers, so i was a bit tipsy (alone ino, but oh well, i made friends with random strangers) n when they came on, me and these two guys (with irish flag coloured hair) started dancing (and prancing) like mad... ah good times, good times...
Rammstein were sooo good, and oh my god, the guitarist is SOOOOOOOO FIIIT!!! For Rammstein I wos right at the front, in the pit (well i moved away so I wouldnt get punched... didnt't help tho... so i got stuck in the mosh pit at the front) and you could actually see steam coming off the crowd!
Feeder weren't that good, but they were allright - I adore the little asian dude, he's too cool - the mic wasn't working for the first song, but it was still ok.
Err.. kant tink of netin else to say, but im still in the state of shock... ill recover in a couple of days and write more... I am SO going next year tho... and also hopefully to Pukkelpop this year... i mean common ---- FRANZ FERDINAND AND THE HIVES ON THE SAME DAY!!!! hu wudnt waanna go????

For info on Werchter go to
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Pukkelpop tickets are 108 euros if you book them and 125 euros at the ticket office. One day tickets are 53 euros for advance booking and 58 euros at the ticket office. You can book them at

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