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Aight well, I was going through 'my favorites', n decided to be nice and share my wisdom with the world..  actually I'm not gonna share any of the nice and juicy ones, Imma keep those for myself:p:p enjoy..

Well for those who are too retarded to actually look up this page, here, but I'm pretty sure, everyone knows about it.. it's the cinebel website, if u wanna go to the pictures, n don't know the times..:

Aight, well, here you find out about concerts in Belgium, but what I did, is I just subscribed, n u get it all sent to ur email.. but you dont get every single concert, because these are just concerts in the big concert halls, so the ones in bars n underground ones arent listed..

Rock Lyrics

Urban dictionary.. can't be bothered to explain.. check it out..

Yeah, this site's a tad bit random, but hey, its cool..

Here are ppl's skyblogs, some of them are old ones, I don't really pay attention.. yeah.. der not done in any particular order, n half the people i hardly ever talk to.., but whatever, its fun goin thru blogs..

Vikky's blog -

Alex's old blog -

Fiona's blog -

Fiona's old blog -

Jo's blog -

Killo's blog -

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